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Is bitcoin dead reddit

is bitcoin dead reddit

: @ElonMusk you should build a solar mining farm in space! A lot of different schemes were hatched, but the miners that chose to invest in aggressively reducing their energy costs were the ones that survived. As conversations around the topic spike on social media, Ive been scanning Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Reddit to understand peoples views. For skeptical investors, Bitcoins descent must seem like an I told you so moment. The asic miners eventually dissipate the stored energy as heat, but since the advent of underground mining practices (to help protect advanced asic chips from cosmic ray degradation this heat is absorbed the by bedrock instead of the air, and the effects have been quite.

I didnt know much about Bitcoin, other than what some people think it stands for. A bitcoin exchange founder predicted it would reach 50,000 this year. At the same time, the bitcoin price exploded, and the world began to pay attention a little more seriously. Barrons, you should know what you own. Well, after years of aggressive expansion, miners have now covered approximately 37 of the Earths land mass with solar panels, and because of this, the earths climate has cooled down considerably, causing violent and unpredictable weather in some areas. Solar energy that would normally heat the earth's atmosphere is now being used to compute rounds of SHA256.

Is bitcoin dead reddit
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