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Cta forex

cta forex

Disclosure Documents and now discuss the process of submitting those documents to the NFA. For this reason I have been calling the cftc to try to figure out when we might hear something. . Commodity Futures Trading Commission (cftc) has gradually expanded the requirements for CTA registration over time. As a reminder, the Disclosure Document must be no more than 9 months old and reviewed by the NFA. . Information for CTA managers on business, legal and compliance issues. . NFA can only accept and process a complete FBI applicant card. These recommended practices are intended to enhance the integrity of the fingerprinting process and complement bitcoin forum xin Members existing procedures used to verify that the fingerprint card contains the fingerprints of the person whose application has been filed.

cta forex

The gist of the conversation was that the cftc is working on the regulations and the reason that it is taking so long is that there are many aspects to the regulations which must be thoroughly reviewed be many different members and parts of the. Members should use all available information gathered in the hiring process (both from the ORS application information and from any other hiring due diligence procedures such as background checks and employment references) to confirm that the person being fingerprinted is the same person submitting. The Forex Disclosure Document will probably need to have a cftc mandated disclaimer which basically states that the cftc has not reviewed the disclosure document for the merits of the trading program. New strategies often offer a unique perspective. A basic table of contents will be required.

Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) Registration NFA

cta forex

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