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Why bitcoin unlimited tuur demeester

why bitcoin unlimited tuur demeester

Do you have internal accountability? Wouldnt that set a precedent? I like when people iterate on the proof of work mechanism. Especially in its early days, people wouldve had their doubts. Peter McCormack : cftc, yeah.

Im open to it potentially working, but to me, really, what Bitcoin is, is a mechanism to convert electricity into financial reliability, and so if you start injecting protocols with, like, you know, some energy and then some voting, and then I dont knowI struggle. I think itll be similar for a Bitcoin ETF. What if Ethereum solves its scaling conundrum with payment channels? I just dont see projects that have similar pedigree when it comes to developers, and with pedigree, I dont mean like noble genes or anything, but just people who have significant achievements in relevant domains, like in peer-to-peer protocols, in internet infrastructure, in memory compression.

With that as a given, I currently have a binary view on the ecosystem : either, bitcoin will win, or Ethereum. I think if you get paid to be wrong, its easier.

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ETF is coming and futures and options and all those things. Cause Ethereum.0 is gonna be very different, the Serenity if that even ever happens. Like, thats a higher-level application, and my geld verdienen mit hypnose worry was that if you cram it all in one layer, youre going to have an inferior solution in all respects. It was going to be a way to issue tokens on top of Bitcoin like a coloured coin experiment. So its like youre damned if you do and damned if you dont.