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Bitcoin divorce

bitcoin divorce

makes it difficult to discover the nature of a partners investment or holding. This process involves sending out interrogatories, subpoenas, depositions, combing through tax returns and bank statements, looking for hidden accounts or lines of credit, etc. Gox or Coinbase, said Broiles. Hiding money is nothing new, points out Hoegner: People have been burying money under rocks, putting money into safety deposit boxes, giving money to friends to hold on to, and saying that they have been gambling money away for a long time.

Knowing the possibility exists for money to be hidden in Bitcoins may help you keep a sharper eye out for clues that can lead to discovery. After all, bitcoin is supposed to be a way of storing value anonymously (if a person knows what they are doing). There is no need to give names when dealing in Bitcoins; all that is required are the individuals wallet IDs.

The question, then, is whether someone in a divorce case would be able to hide their coins effectively (if illegally) from a soon-to-be ex-spouse? Clearly, it is starting to appear on litigators radar. According to the user on, bitcoin, talk, a man discovered that his wife cheated on him and decided to divorce her. Sometimes, judges will jail parties in a divorce suit until the money comes back, or until it can be proven that they have no control over that money. Trying to squirrel away assets by hiding them in a virtual currency leaves people at risk of a perjury charge. The question becomes, are they disposed of through the estate, or in another manner? Updated: A day after this story was written, we found this gem, in which a companys discovery request explicitly included bitcoin. This article originally appeared on vice News. And she subsequently replied to CoinDesk: Sorry to disappoint you, my post was a forum troll, like all my other posts in this forum. Could a divorcee hide their assets by squirrelling them away in bitcoin?

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