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the marketplace. Once the level of discount has been selected, the consumer receives a breakdown of the Amazon total, the fee charged by Purse and the total amount saved. Someone in India, for example, may want to convert those credits into bitcoin rather than Amazon items, or even rupees. He is prepared to pay a premium to be able to do this without having to register with a bitcoin exchange and provide ID and proof of address, thus covering Alices 8 discount himself.

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Once the item has been delivered to Alices address, she notifies the Purse platform and her bitcoin is released from escrow and arrives in Bobs wallet. But integral to its solution are those who want to obtain bitcoin using a credit card, perhaps in areas where exchanges are not available. Its kind of like an exchange, but with that Amazon layer, explained Kent Liu, the second founder of the company. Once the items have been received, Alice notifies, at which point her bitcoin is released from escrow and is sent to Bob ( see the companys explanatory video below ). People were excited to spend bitcoin, he said. I dont feel that the discount obtained justifies the time spent talking to both parties. Conclusion The delivered product Being able to spend bitcoin at Amazon is a huge step forward for general adoption, and the potential discounts offer an extra incentive to shop with the digital currency rather than credit/debit cards or PayPal. Overall, despite my order arriving in good condition, I was left wondering if the hassle was really worth it for such a small discount. A recent FinCEN ruling indicated digital currency escrow is not a money transmission business, which is likely to mean less regulatory equal hash bitcoin pools scrutiny for the company as more authorities issue guidance. I dont think weve seen a real big retailer accept bitcoin that has a marketplace, Lee explained. Date launched: December 2014, summary: Purse touts hefty discounts for people shopping at Amazon via its service, but time delays and complexity ruin the user experience.