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Golix litecoin

golix litecoin

bitcoins in the last 24 hours, and about 147 coins over the last 30 days. Zimbabwes LocalBitcoin brokers are"ng prices around 7,000, which is in line with the global price of bitcoin. Golix is also challenging the ban imposed by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe but the high court is still pending on the decision.

golix litecoin

golix litecoin

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Bloomberg reports that bitcoin is trading in Zimbabwe at over 13,000, nearly double the global price of bitcoin. The bank put the ban on cryptocurrencies hardly four weeks after the ATM was announced. Read Also: South Africa Set To Launch Fully Functional Bitcoin ATM. However, by the time the ban was imposed in May, the exchange had traded more than 20 million worth of Bitcoin. But most markets that arent well served by exchanges, like Zimbabwe, usually have a thriving peer-to-peer scene.

However some investors are stating concerns saying, I have had no explanation besides an email saying they (Golix) will provide updates and they have been quiet since. Nhlalwenhle Ngwenya, Golixs spokesperson did not comment on any operational issues and stated that these matters were under litigation and investigation. Its the brokers who offer to settle transactions in cash, instead of online payemnts or via bank transfers, who are demanding a steep premium in Zimbabwe.